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Business Law FAQS

Do I need a Corporate Seal?

No, businesses incorporated under the Business Corporations Act do not require a corporate seal but it does make the execution of documents easier and more efficient.


How do I choose what legal form my business should take?

Each business form has its advantages and disadvantages. The selection of one form over the other depends largely upon the characteristics you want it to take. Factors to consider include the type of business and liability you want the company to have, how many people are involved in ownership and management, what role the owners & managers will play, as well as tax implications. Costs are also a factor when deciding how to create your company, as a partnership agreement can cost as much as incorporation.

Who can incorporate and what do I need to do?

Any one or more persons can incorporate. In order to do so, the person must register Articles of Incorporation, a Notice of Address as well as a Notice of Directors. Significant consideration should be given to the share structure the corporation will have, as it can be quite costly to have to fix this later.

Do I have to register my Company’s name?

Registration of your company’s name is not mandatory, but it will prevent others from taking and using your name in the future. For more information regarding registration of Business Names, consult our office.

Should I have my home address as my registered office?

We recommend that you use our office as your registered office. This ensures that all returns filings and other legal notices will be given the proper attention. This also saves you the hassle of having to bring the documents to our office to have them filed.

What is a shareholder agreement and do I need one?

A shareholder agreement is a necessary part of any corporation because it sets out how your corporation is structured as well as the personal rights of all the shareholders involved. Under the Business Corporations Act, a shareholder agreement will allow shareholders to modify the Articles of Incorporation, bylaws and other rules.