Why a Small Business Lawyer Is as Important as an Accountant

Every new business needs two very talented professionals right from the start. The first is an accountant. The reasons are pretty obvious. But many don’t see the importance of a small business lawyer as well. So they put off hiring one until a legal problem appears.

A small business needs an accountant to review numbers periodically. They also prepare all the necessary federal, provincial and local tax returns. But an lawyer is just as important. Let’s see why:

small business lawyer

A Small Business Lawyer Keeps You out of Trouble

As mentioned before, most people choose to put off hiring an lawyer until it’s too late. By “too late”, we mean “getting sued”. This is a huge mistake. Getting a lawyer at this point is only a matter of how much you will have to pay. The problem already happened.

Canada’s judicial system is difficult. It’s easy to get into court and really hard to get out of there. This requires large sums of money. Wouldn’t it have been simpler to have a small business lawyer to keep you out of trouble?

They Have Connections and Other Clients like You

The right lawyer for you has experience in your industry. They know how and where to fight for the solution to your problem – even if it may not be their responsibility. They know all the local specialists and professionals. They can provide excellent legal services.

A small business lawyer is a professional when he or she knows the ins and outs of your industry. They will obey the legal code of ethics. They will also take the time to educate you and your staff about the legal matters of your business.

small business lawyer

They Communicate Well and Are Trustworthy

You should always follow your instincts when hiring an attorney. If you feel like they can be trusted, things will work out. With a professional small business lawyer, you should always speak freely. They are there to provide business law services.

The right solicitor for your company will always find solutions. That’s why you are paying them. They will outline all your available options. They will also share best case practices with you from other companies that have been in your situation before.

They Offer Security and Protection

You need to protect your business’s logo, name, or brand through trademark and copyright protection.

Sure, you can do this by yourself, but wouldn’t it be better for an experienced small business lawyer to take care of it? Sure it would! Meanwhile, you can concentrate on other important tasks.

small business lawyer

Big Firm vs. Small Local Lawyer

You should know big companies usually cost more. They have higher fees and less time to listen to your problems.

It is also vital to make sure your small business lawyer is admitted to practice in your area.

A local attorney knows details about the environment. They have time to listen to your problems and assess them well. They are there for you, and you can speak to them easily.

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